I experience. I share. We listen.

Below are some testimonials from residents and family members that have made Monte Vista Village their home. We invite you to come and visit our community and talk firsthand with current residents and to take a tour!

As a resident at the Monte Vista Village, I wanted to let you know of the exemplary group of people who make up the staff here and how they work together like no group of people I have ever met.

An example of this that I would like to cite is a Christmas get-together for friends and relatives of the residents. Not only were the food items incredibly good, but well-presented and delicious!

I went about the hall and asked various guests how they were enjoying themselves and the smiles and remarks all said happy and satisfied.

I watched the personnel, from Director of Sales to Kitchen Staff interact with the guests, keep the safety of the guests paramount, and clean, clean, clean! It reminded me of a well-oiled machine, the work was being done so smoothly.

Even at the end of the event; I stayed behind and watched the clean-up. Everyone, from our CEO to the kitchen staff pitched in and had the area back to its original condition in less than one hour. Now THAT is teamwork!

I have been in the Navy, the Railroad (Amtrak) and as a Home-Health Aide. Never have I seen this type of cooperation!

The people here are caring, friendly and observant towards the residents needs. As the youngest resident here, I am so glad I picked Monte Vista. I couldn’t have made a better choice.



My parents are residents at Monte Vista Village. They moved there last May after my dad took a very bad fall. I want to commend your staff for the wonderful care they are giving my parents. Unfortunately, my dad has not been doing well and has needed a great deal of help. The loving care given to him by your staff has been most appreciated.

First, Sonja has gone out of her way to encourage Dad and to make arrangements for all of his needs. Her upbeat personality, and her understanding of older adults and their special needs, have impressed me every time I am with her. And she has made herself available every time my brother and I have needed her help and counsel concerning my parents.

I want to thank Carmen and her staff. My father, who has always been a strong, self-reliant man, now finds himself needing someone to dress and bathe him. He resisted at first, but after meeting your caregivers, he is now comfortable accepting their help. They are so nice to both of my parents. Carmen has always been available and willing to help in any way she can. This has been so appreciated.

And I also want to comment on the wonderful staff in the dining room. These men and women are always friendly. Solome Farrell has noticed my dad losing weight and always offers to make special milk shakes for him because she knows he likes them. Getting him to eat enough has been a problem.

From the day we were shown around Monte Vista Village by Tracy and Sonja, we have been impressed by your cheerful and caring staff, which also includes your friendly receptionists! Our family is thankful that we found your facility.

Very Gratefully,


Daughter of Resident

The Kennedy Family is so very thankful for all of the kindness and love you provided Norm and Doris Kennedy while in your care. They experienced together all three levels of care – independent living, assisted living and finally full nursing care and even hospice. We are so glad we decided to use Monte Vista! Everything that Darryn Robinson described and explained was true and accurate. The staff at Monte Vista is fantastic. They are all so friendly and truly care about the residents. I will not name one of them because I love you all, yet there are a few that I will always hold close to my heart – they didn’t’ just do their job well – they lived and loved their job and truly loved and honored my parents. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for somehow keeping mom and dad together all through their final journey together. It meant so much to them and our family. For what it is worth, I would recommend Monte Vista to everyone – a truly grand experience. I will truly miss many staff members – They become my friends. I will also miss many residents that I became acquainted with. What a wealth of love and wisdom. My love and deepest thanks to you all!!


Son of Resident

I wanted to thank you and especially the staff who put on the picnic for Monte Vista Village. The logistics for and the transportation to and from Mission Bay Park were great.

I wanted to thank Adrian, Martha who drove her truck with all the supplies, folding chairs, folding canopy, BBQ grill, and food. Marsella who served the food and really helped out and Franklin our bus driver.

The picnic was a success and a good time was had by all. I just wanted to pass on my appreciation and thanks to you.

Thank you,